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Our Growth, What We Believe, Our Goals

Who We Are

DOCUTRAX is a division of Risk Toolbox, Inc. The company arose from the need to better leverage technology in order to improve core risk management practices, reduce risk exposures and enhance internal business processes through 21st century innovation.

We are owned and managed by senior insurance and risk management professionals with a combined total of more than 100 years of industry service. The depth and quality of that experience has allowed us to build relevant, top-quality web-based risk management products that fill market voids while delivering efficiencies, economies and flexibility not available elsewhere.

In 2009 we launched our first cloud-based app related to risk and safety training in specific industry verticals. In 2011 we began our claims reporting service which is now used nationwide by more than 3,000 points of service and is accepted by all U.S. insurance carriers.

After two years of research and development, DOCUTRAX was launched in late 2014. Our patent-pending system has changed the paradigm of how certificates of insurance are collected, evaluated and tracked. And our ability to track any other kind of document significantly enhances its utility, which is limited only by the imagination.

From inception, the company's culture has been infused with a service mentality. We recognize our customers are our partners and our most important asset. We listen carefully, take their suggestions seriously, and are proud to say after all these years we maintain 100% customer loyalty. We hope you will join us.

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  • Full System Access  We don't limit you to looking at reports. All DOCUTRAX customers have full access to every feature of the system, allowing you total control over all processes and data.
  • World-Class Customer Support  It's burned into our culture, and our Net Promoter Scores prove it.
  • No-Charge Archiving  All your inactive Insureds records are retained and accessible in perpetuity at no charge.

11 Reasons to Choose Us

We recognize it's a noisy, confusing marketplace and you have choices. However, it's not likely you'll find anyone else who can attest to the following:

  • 100% Customer Retention  We are pleased to have never lost a customer since DOCUTRAX began in 2014.
  • Licensed Account Management  All our Account Managers are licensed insurance professionals with deep experience in compliance-related issues.
  • Senior Insurance Industry Experts  More than 100 years of combined insurance and risk management expertise went into the design of the DOCUTRAX system. The founders built it and they still run the company today.
  • Interactive Repository  DOCUTRAX functions as your central location in which all data can be stored and managed.
  • Limitless Use Cases  DOCUTRAX can collect, evaluate, verify, track, monitor and report on ANY document for any purpose. How you use the system is limited only by your imagination.
  • Adaptability  One size doesn't fit all. DOCUTRAX is a full-service or self-service integrated compliance solution designed specifically to your COI and document tracking requirements.
  • Integration  Connect your legacy systems seamlessly with our RESTful API.
  • No Broker or Vendor Registration  We make the DOCUTRAX experience as frictionless and friendly as possible by not forcing anyone to play by our "rules."

Our Clients

In today's litigious and complex world, risk transfer has become an increasing priority to all forward-thinking businesses, regardless of size.

We are proud to have some of the nation's most prestigious brands represented in the DOCUTRAX community. In fact, more than three hundred public and private companies and government entities rely on the DOCUTRAX service as part of their ongoing certificate of insurance tracking program. Case Studies

The chart illustrates a typical certificate of insurance compliance rate improvement over the first year using the DOCUTRAX service.

Contractual Compliance

This chart illustrates the percentage of compliance attained within the first year using the Docutrax system:

Our Pledge to You

Customer satisfaction is a direct reflection of our effectiveness as an organization. Our company's culture is centered on quality, service and courtesy. To that end, all DOCUTRAX team members are imbued with the following attitudes and beliefs:

  • We are committed to serving you, our customer, and will strive to earn your confidence and trust every day.
  • We will treat your tenants, vendors and other Insureds in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  • We will provide you with up-to-date product releases with new or improved service features and capabilities.
  • We take full responsibility for the services we provide and that they function as intended.
  • We will listen and understand your issues and offer honest assessments.
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  • We will respond to all service requests within one day of receipt.
  • We will endeavor to exceed your expectations every day.
  • We will never make empty promises.