DOCUTRAX Case Studies

The following are real-world examples of our work:

Property Management

The risk management department of a $6 billion NYSE company sought a solution to streamline its business process and improve tenant/vendor compliance with its certificate of insurance tracking program. The existing method used a combination of manual processing and outdated, installed software. The client was frustrated by poor support and a lack of system capabilities. Although the software provider locked the client out of using its own data, we were able to gain access and obtain the necessary legacy information. We then prepared the files and converted their records into the Docutrax system.

Through system automation, our new client was able to reduce its administrative costs 40% in three months while gaining access to a wealth of new features previously unavailable.

Retail Chain

A national restaurant chain utilized three full-time staff to track and manage more than 10,000 certificates of insurance. The company entered into discussions with DOCUTRAX to develop a customized solution specific to their unique requirements. Implementation was accomplished in three months.

We worked on-site and online to implement new administrative and business process procedures that resulted in insurance compliance improvements from 35% to over 85% within six months while allowing the client to re-allocate two full-time employees to other company activities.

Insurance Agency

A nationwide firm wished to augment existing client risk control programs by instituting a means to improve certificate of insurance compliance. We designed a custom branded program interfacing regional agency offices with their own clients. Upon implementation, an immediate impact on compliance and communication was evident. The agency now enjoys stronger relationships with its clients while providing a distinctive value-add with real risk management benefit through its certificate of insurance tracking offer.

Public Entities

The fourth largest public transportation system in the U.S. instituted a certificate of insurance tracking program with DOCUTRAX to evaluate the risk management benefit of the system. In the course of implementation it became apparent there were significant deficiencies in their certificate of insurance compliance practices. Awareness of the importance of instituting improved risk management policies has altered their business processes and improved communication with their own insurance professionals. Within 60 days the DOCUTRAX team had obtained a 100% compliance rate with the agency's contractors and vendors.