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Many business leaders today believe that they have to make significant investments in human resources and specialized knowledge in order to properly manage third-party risk. The task of tracking down certificates of insurance required by you from tenants and vendors is difficult, and getting them to comply with your requirements can be an endless challenge. But what if you could protect the enterprise a better way? What if you had a professional expert service that properly looked after your interests in an effective, efficient and highly successful manner? That's where we come in.

DOCUTRAX is a best-practices risk management and technology company. We help our clients to ensure that all parties to your contracts are in compliance, and remain so for the duration of the agreement. We do this by offering managed services and technology solutions that will:

  • Track all your certificates of insurance and related documents required by your contracts and leases.
  • Significantly reduce your risk exposure to third-party liability.
  • Fully organize and streamline your compliance program(s).
  • Enhance intra-company risk awareness and communication.
  • 360o Tracking

    The DOCUTRAX system is designed to facilitate risk transfer from your business to third-parties, such as tenants, vendors and contractors, through professional oversight of certificates of insurance (COIs) and other compliance-related documents. Your account is managed by licensed insurance specialists who are expert in the tracking, verification and monitoring of certificate of insurances, insurance policy endorsements and other contractual requirements.

    All collection, notification and communication with Insureds and their insurance brokers is managed under solution tailored specifically to your unique needs. Your DOCUTRAX program will improve risk management and reduce your exposure to unnecessary claims due to the negligence, carelessness or accidents caused by others. Such a program will significantly:

    • Improve insurance coverage compliance
    • Consistently and accurately track, monitor and maintain Insured compliance
    • Reduce administrative burden and costs
    • Enable enterprise-wide reporting and communication


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  • Not Just COIs

    Every organization produces volumes of paper documents. Keeping track of all this information can be a daunting task. Employees may have different document needs, most likely kept in their own manner, and it can be difficult to access and assess information throughout the organization.

    Moreover, many documents, such as leases, inspection reports, insurance documents, maintenance schedules and licensure must be tracked continually. These documents expire and must be collected repeatedly to ensure compliance.

    The DOCUTRAX system can be set up to solicit, track, manage and report on any type of document. You may create any set of conditions and your DOCUTRAX team will collect and track the information you need. All information is held in a secure central repository with controlled user access.

    With DOCUTRAX, you are not limited to obtaining documents from third-parties. The system can be configured to work internally within your own organization to streamline business processes and improve both operational and administrative efficiencies.

  • Compelling ROI

    Industry experts report that one full-time person is required for every 1,500 certificate of insurances properly tracked. This does not include other documents, such as policy endorsements, that are often also required. DOCUTRAX typically reduces administrative expense 50-60% annually, providing rapid investment payback with significantly reduced exposure to unnecessary third-party liability.

    To see how DOCUTRAX can help your organization, use the calculator below:

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Personnel required: [calculated total]
Avg. Annual Salary:
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What We Do

The DOCUTRAX system combines state-of-the-art cloud technology with a highly experienced group of licensed insurance professionals to provide clients with superior compliance management of certificates of insurance (COIs) and related documents. Our methods relieve you of the challenges associated with managing COIs and will help reduce your company's risk exposure to the actions of tenants, vendors and other third-parties. Our team handles the repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes for obtaining, tracking and verifying compliance of certificates of insurance and other documents, thereby allowing you to focus on your own business needs and demands.

DOCUTRAX system has been consistently proven to obtain higher rates of certificate of insurance compliance at lower expense while providing previously unavailable business process efficiencies. Our in-house experts talk the language of insurance and communicate with brokers, risk managers and Insureds continuously to make certain that your insurance coverage requirements are properly met by everyone with whom you do business.

Hi-Tech Human Touch

The DOCUTRAX system combines the best of both worlds - insurance experts and and a proven method to faciltate and expedite the collection, evaluation and compliance verification of your insurance coverage requirements. Moreover, we will configure the DOCUTRAX compliance process to your exact needs. Information is organized, communicated and reported exactly the way you need it. We adjust to you, not the other way around. And insurance compliance verification is only a few clicks away - you have full access to all information stored by the system at any time from any device.

In addition to certificate of insurance compliance management, we stand ready to collect, track and maintain records on any type document you require. These documents may be tracked along with, or independent of, certificate of insurance tracking and may include documents with their own renewal requirements. Essentially, we function as your back office business partner to provide you with an umbrella of oversight, expertise and guidance to reduce your risks and improve both efficiencies and economies in theseis critical and complex business process.


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Have It Your Way

As no two organizations are alike, DOCUTRAX was designed with an adaptive framework. A multi-level hierarchy allows information to be grouped and listed in the manner most appropriate for your business. In this way, you do not have to alter existing business methods to work with the system, the system conforms to your preferred way of operation.

DOCUTRAX is available in both self-managed and full-service models See the Plans. In either case, our team of licensed insurance professionals will assist in getting your system setup according to your needs and customary business processes. We will provide full training and ongoing support to all system users.

Want to do it yourself? No problem. Our service plans are flexible and can accomodate any level of involvement you wish to have. From full-service to self-service or somewhere in between our team stands ready to design a plan that works best for your particular needs.

Getting Started

Implementation begins with an inventory of your existing data and the organization of all other information required by the system. During this time your new Account Manager will work hands-on with you to assemble, load and test your system prior to final activation.

You will be actively engaged in key decision-making related to system configuration and any special requirements you may have. Our orderly step-by-step approach ensures you are fully informed and involved at all phases of the process.

At the end of the day DOCUTRAX will be set up to meet your needs, not the other way around.    Learn about onboarding.


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