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Your business against unnecessary risk from third-party liability.


Higher rates of certificate of insurance compliance with a compelling ROI.


Wasted time, frustration and poor outcomes. We do the work, you lose the headaches.


State-of-the-art consistency, accuracy and 24x7 access to real-time information.

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Subcontractors and certificates of insurance

Read about the importance of proper contract/insurance alignment when working with subcontractors.

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The Third-Party Risk Management Ecosystem - Part I

Read our multi-part series on how to manage relationships with third-party service providers.

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AI to the Compliance Rescue?

These days it is difficult to pick up a business journal without finding a story about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is going to 1) transform business processes, 2) eliminate jobs and 3) replace human thinking ...

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Docutrax certificate of insurance tracking for tenants and vendors

One-Third Billion!

With the continuing addition of new CRE clients to its nationwide community, Docutrax now manages the certificate of insurance compliance of tenants and vendors in more than one-third billion square feet of commercial real estate.

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  • Problems arising from the issuance of faulty Certificates of Insurance are the leading cause of claims against insurance agents.