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    • Risk Manager
    • Powerful features for your self-managed compliance program
    • $150/mo, billed annually
    • Required Onboarding $500
    • Track 250 COIs or Documents
    • $150/mo for 250 extra
    • (Less applicable price breaks)
    • Contact Sales
    • Included in Risk Manager:
    • Collect, review, track, report
    • Custom letter templates
    • Context-sensitive notifications
    • Expiration monitoring
    • Pushed email alerts
    • Real-time 24x7
    • Any number of users
    • White box branding
    • Try Before You Buy
    • RM Professional
    • The professional full-service compliance management program
    • $700/mo, billed qtrly
    • Required Onboarding $2,500
    • Track 500 COIs or Documents
    • $350/mo for 250 extra
    • (Less applicable price breaks)
    • Contact Sales
    • Included in RM Professional:
    • Everything in Risk Manager, PLUS:
    • Licensed account manager
    • All data entry and updating
    • Full compliance evaluation
    • Broker/Insured phone/email follow up
    • Deficiency resolution
    • Scheduled reviews
    • Try Before You Buy
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    • RM Enterprise
    • The complete ERP integrated compliance management system
    • $3,750/mo, billed qtrly
    • Required Onboarding $5,000
    • Track 2,500 COIs or Documents
    • $675/mo for 500 extra
    • (Less applicable price breaks)
    • Contact Sales
    • Included in RM Enterprise:
    • Everything in RM Professional, PLUS:
    • Contract review
    • Data analysis
    • Consultation
    • Single sign-on
    • Legacy system integration
    • Service level agreement
    • Try Before You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the self-managed plan different than the full-service plan?

With a self-managed plan, we get you properly set up, teach you how to use the system, and you are then in charge. With full-service, we are responsible for the comprehensive, detailed management of your entire compliance program. Users of the full-service plan have complete access to the system at any time on any device. See the individual plan details.

How does "Try Before You Buy" work?

This feature provides you with a complete version of DOCUTRAX for thirty days. You'll find that the trial period does impose a few temporary limits on the software, like the number of COIs you can track. Otherwise, you get the full experience of the depth and breadth of the Docutrax system, so you know exactly what you'll be receiving when you become a full member of the DOCUTRAX community.

Why do I have to pay an onboarding fee?

After the trial period, we need to make sure that your system is optimally set up for your particular purpose. We work closely with you through a number of important steps. This initial, one-time expense ensures that all your expectations are met and there are no surprises. Learn more about Onboarding.

What other fees are there?

NONE! You pay a subscription fee based on the number of COIs or documents being tracked; there are no other expenses. System updates, training and technical support are all included in every subscription.

How many users can I have?

DOCUTRAX allows for any number of your employees to have permission-based acccess to the system.

Why do I have to pay the entire annual fee upfront under the Risk Manager plan?

The Risk Manager plan is very reasonably priced. To keep the cost down, we must reduce our own administrative expenses. Making a once-per-year payment helps meet that need. More importantly, we have learned that those users who are willing to commit to a full year of using DOCUTRAX will be more successful in managing their compliance programs, and that, of course, is everyone's ultimate goal.

How will I know if I exceed my plan limit?

No worries. As your usage grows, upgrading is easy - we will let you know in advance when there will be a need to purchase additional tracking credits.

Can I store inactive data in the system?

50 Gigabytes of storage is included with every Plan. If you need more, additional storage is available at the rate of $250 per year per 50 gigabytes.

For more information see our Docutrax User Agreement .

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