Risk Reduction Through Superior Compliance.

It doesn't have to be difficult...

Achieve higher rates of compliance at lower expense.
Eliminate wasted time, frustration and poor outcomes.
Acquire state of the art consistency, accuracy and order.

Track Certificates

Managing certificates of insurance is difficult and can lead to frustration and poor results. We have a better way.

Track Documents

Define, request, collect, review and track any document - automatically. Let Docutrax do the heavy lifting for you.

Track Anything

Get creative. Stay on top of recurring events, expiration dates, internal business processes, leases, licenses and more.

Higher Tech for Lower Risk.

certificate of insurance compliance scorecard

Key Performance Indicators

Immediately see your key metrics. It's all there in one screen as soon as you log in.

docutrax risk reduction tracking system

Designed-In Flexibility

We started with you in mind. Docutrax adapts to your specific business needs, not the other way around.

improve your certificate of insurance compliance with Docutrax

Secure and Accessible Data

Every document and all correspondence is permanently archived, secured and always available.

Acord certificate of insurance form

Nationwide Regulatory Approval

As a licensed distributor of Acord forms we meet the state insurance regulations of all 50 states.

We Do the Work. You Get the Reward.

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